We, the undersigned members of the Labour Party, believe that education is a public good, which benefits society as a whole. It should be paid for through general taxation, with the rich paying the most. We reject other mechanisms to make individuals pay for education, such as tuition fees and the “graduate tax”, which undermine universalism and perpetuate the idea that education is an individual privilege and not a social right.

Frank Doran MP – Aberdeen North

Ronnie Campbell MP – Blythe Valley

Brian Donohoe MP – Central Ayrshire

John McDonnell MP – Hayes and Harlington

George Mudie MP – Leeds East

Katy Clark MP – North Ayrshire and Arran

Ian Lavery MP – Wansbeck

Chris Vince – Parliamentary Candidate for Chelmsford

Cheryl Pidgeon – Parliamentary Candidate for South Derbyshire

Kate Godfrey – Parliamentary Candidate for Stafford

Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes

Owen Mooney – Chair of Scottish Young Labour and Glasgow University Labour Club

Marian Craig – Chair, Strathclyde University Labour Club

Berk Bektas – President, Oxford Brookes Labour Club

Charlie Atkins – Chair, Oxford University Labour Club

Jordan Blyth – Chair, Teesside University Labour Society

Nathan Steele – President, UCLU Labour Society

Ben Wood – Chair of KCL Labour

Matthew Bacon – Chair, Bristol Labour Students

Humaira Garasia – Vice-Chair/Women’s Officer, London Young Labour

Freddie Seale – Disability Officer, London Young Labour

Rhea Wolfson – London Young Labour Executive

James McAsh – London Young Labour Executive

Phil Freeman – London Young Labour Executive

Asher Mohammed – Youth Officer, Walthamstow East

Liam McNulty – Youth Officer, Haringey and Wood Green CLP

George Severs – LGBT Officer, Basingstoke CLP

Thomas Kirkwood – Finchley and Golders Green Youth Officer, London Young Labour, Socialist Educational Association

James Elliott – LGBT+ Officer, Oxford University Labour Club

Finn McMahon – Campaigns and External Links Officer, Oxford University Labour Club

Alex Clyde – Treasurer, University of Warwick Labour Club

Jane Gerrard – The University of Warwick Labour and Cooperative Club

Lauren Carroll – LGBT+ Officer, University of Warwick Labour Club

Aidan Hocking – Oxford University Labour Club

Nikhil Venkatesh – Chair, Oxford University Labour Club

Loughlan O’Doherty – Treasurer, Oxford University Labour Club

Oliver Hill – Vice Chair, LSE Labour

Miguel Costa Matos – Talks Officer, University of Warwick Labour Club

Christy McMorrow – Co-Chair, Sheffield Labour Students

Minesh Parekh – BME Officer, Sheffield Labour Students

Tom Harris – Executive, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Liam Jackson – Warwick Labour

Matthew Pearce – Warwick Labour

Hannah Thompson – LRC

Irfan Badshah – LYL

Rob Costello – CND

Liam John Liburd – Labour Students

Miles Darrington – London Young Labour

Joseph Hesketh

Lydia Martin

Joe Beckett

Jonathan Goggs

Chloe Hill

Jack Buck

Guy Howie

Annie Cooke

Jonathan Warner

Raymond Shemilt

Daniel Nichols

Katya Kitchingman

Sam Stone

David Kirk

Joanne Ferguson

Rick Evans

Jane Collingwood

Steve Sargeant

Patricia Irwin

Alan Hewitt

Daniel Blaney

Matthew Fowler

Jon Taylor

Tom King

Kelvin Stevenson

Mick Patrick

Omar Raii

Jane Owens

Samuel Furlong


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