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Tomorrow (21 October) the Young Labour National Committee will be debating a motion on free education and providing support for the free education demo on November 19th, submitted by Rida Vaquas – Under 19’s Officer.

Labour Students have submitted a wrecking amendment to the motion which deletes all but one line of Rida’s motion and nullifies the demands made within it.

Please make sure to lobby your Young Labour reps to demand the motion goes through unamended. Contact details can be found here:

The motion, proposed by Rida Vaquas and seconded by Caroline Hill, is as follows:

Young Labour National Committee Notes:

• Germany has announced the abolition of tuition fees, proving that it is not unrealistic or unaffordable
• New figures show that since the increase of tuition fees to £9,000 a year, there has been a 17% fall in undergraduates at UK universities and a 19% drop in part-time students, likely to
be from disadvantaged backgrounds.
• According to the OECD, Britain has the one of the most “highly stratified major university systems in the world” and some of the lowest levels of social mobility
• Tuition fees discourage applicants who do not come from traditional academic family backgrounds.
• University staff have also seen a decline in pay and conditions, with many on zero hours contracts, and a cut in pensions – young people should support them.
Young Labour National Committee Resolves:
• To officially come out in support of the Free Education demonstration on November 19th
• To support our members in organising a Young Labour bloc to march at the demonstration