Youth and Students for Corbyn

We the undersigned student and youth activists are supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for Labour Party leader.

Whether it’s student fees and grants or the minimum wage, migrants’ rights or civil liberties, nuclear weapons or climate change, Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate speaking to our concerns.

We will build support for his campaign among youth and student organisations, including the young members’ sections of our trade unions.

We encourage young people and students to sign up as party members or registered supporters to support and vote for Jeremy.


Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President (Welfare) and UNITE
Rachael Ward, London Young Labour Executive and UNITE
James Elliott, Oxford University Labour Club Executive
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour National Committee
Liam McNulty, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP and UNITE
Freddie Seale, London Young Labour Executive and GMB
Max Shanly, Young Labour National Committee
James McAsh, London Young Labour, Labour Campaign for Free Education
Rhea Wolfson, London Young Labour, Labour Campaign for Free Education, GMB
Beth Redmond, NUS NEC, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC)
Katie Kokkinou, UNITE
Robin White
Daniella Lock, University College London Union (UCLU)
Alec Hinshelwood. UCLU
Anna Simpson, Oxford University Students Union (OUSU)
Jack Redfern, UCLU
Joanne Woodhouse, UCLU
Kieran O’Brien, UCLU
Colin Scott Stuart, UNITE
Josh Chown, Chair, Surrey Labour Students
Nathan Steele, UCLU and GMB
Alex McKenna
Jack Gamble
Tom Harris, Unison
Ed Armston, UNITE
Alex Booth, Student
Kieran Miles, Croydon North CLP, GMB
Joe Smith, GMB
Omar Raii, NCAFC
Andy Warren, KCLSU
Tim Rouse, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, UNITE
Hannah Webb, UCLU, NCAFC
Christopher Fairley, LSESU
Zoe Salanitro, University of Birmingham, Guild of Students
Tiffany Chan, NCAFC
Chris Waugh
Ben Towse, Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Jack Chadwick, LGBTQ Officer, York University Students Union
Ella Thorp, Unison
Vijay Jackson, Hastings and Rye CLP, Hastings Youth Council, UNITE Community,Hastings Anticuts, Hastings Solidarity member, Hastings Independent.
Mahamid Ahmed, NUS NEC Postgraduate Taught Rep
Michael Muir, Uddingston and Bellshill CLP, UNITE
Fran Cowling, NUS LGBT
Benji Williams
Luke Neal, UNITE, University of Manchester
Daniel Brooks
Fred Craig, NCAFC
Dexter Govan, Chair, Aberdeen University Labour Students and GMB
Lewis Macleod, Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA)
Hattie Craig, NCAFC
Jamie Green, Vauxhall CLP, Unison
Tom Robinson, UCLU, NCAFC
Gemma Harris, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Yash Mishra, UCLU
Pat Grady, Unite Community
John Stephens
Mark Crawford
Adam Roberts
William Bonnell, Unite, Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts
Kim Luetchford, Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts
Dan Hale Bolingbroke, Birkbeck
Alasdair Clark, Mid Fife and Glenrothes CLP
Alex Norman, NCAFC
Christian Liberman
Will Graham
Phil Harper
Oliver Corke, NUT
David Bradshaw
Lucy Saville
Daniel de La Motte-Harrison
Katie Scott
Alistair Kalama
Stephen Michael
Eliza Gearty
Tabby Detroit
Meral Durgun
Yasmin Raza
Fielding Hope
Jessica Knights
Silja Stroem, Scottish Artists Union
Jeremy Jones, Equity
Fred Andrews
Lara Macdonald
Natalia Renwick,NCAFC
Eleanor Clarke, NCAFC
Alastair Curtis
Jennifer Mills, UCU
Laurence Butler, Labour member
Claudia Turkington, Unite
Michael Chessum, Tottenham CLP
Samuel Jones High Wycombe
Amanda Shaylor, Teesside Free Education Campaign
Robin Clark
Guinevere Carter, UCL Union
Rachel O’Brien, NCAFC, Defend Education Birmingham
James Moulding
Harriet Pugh, UNITE, University of Manchester Students Union
Grace Edwards
Josh Berlyne,
Deborah Hermanns, NCAFC NC & UNITE
Joe Bradley
Yousuf Farooq, NPSC, University of York labour club
James Hodgkiss
Thomas McDonald, UNITE
Joe smith, GMB
Ryan Kemp, Unite, Aberystwyth University
Joseph Tozer
Rebecca Christian
Geoffrey Hewitt
Ross Holden
Lauren Razavi, National Union of Journalist, Sheffield Hallam CLP, NCAFC
Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley
Josh elton
Matt Heaney, student at Open University, Labour Party member
Malaka, NUS Executive Committee
Jonathan Hosseiny
Harry Barnes
Henry Mendoza
Joseph Grice, Francis Crick Institute
Alex Anthony, UNISON
Paul Ritchie, University of Oxford
Thomas McAleney, Crawley Young Labour, Deputy Chair
Rebecca Hedges, Hertsmere CLP
Leyla McCarthy
Matthew Stafford
Will Sears
Sinan Kose
Matthew Filer, P.S.
Hannah Dixon, Havering Young Labour
Patrick Pennington, NUS
Joshua Booth, Warrington Young Labour, Red Labour Warrington
Edward Lightowlers, Leeds North West CLP
John Comer
Beth Haines, Unite
James Harland, University of York
George J. Severs, Royal Holloway Left Forum, Basingstoke CLP LGBT Officer
Ryan Loonan, Bury South CLP
George Widdicombe
Michelle Conway
Amy Jo Balmer
Christopher Rathe
Jordan Morris
Demaine Boocock University of Sheffield
Saad Hussain
Sam Lundy
Paul Cumming, Unite, Edinburgh Central CLP, Edinburgh Students
Luke Myer, Edge Hill Students’ Union
Seán MacCorsain Youth Officer, Glasgow Cathcart CLP, GMB
Luke David Thompson, Warrington South
Katrina Ellis
Jacob Bentley, UNITE
Jill Murphy
Ashlie Spedding
Clevan Johnson, Croydon North CLP
Michael Burgess
Evan Millard, Colne Valley
Katrina Ellis
Frederick Reece
Hassam Iftikhar, Bradford East
Jeni Hunneyball
Liam Collins
Cerys Lewis-Ayling, Aberconwy CLP
Elliot Gudge
Martin Dunbar, Hartlepool CLP / unite union
Dan Iley-Williamson
Toby Wainwright
Zebedee Corry-Wright
Finley Harnett
Jack Edward Cunningham, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP
Oscar Holch
Daniel Halpin
James Forward, Rainforest Limited
James Briffa , Wolverhampton University
Glenn Michael Harper, Mature & Part Time Students Officer, SUARTS
Tajjamal Ali, Peace4Palestine
Joseph Dwyer
Callum Huseyin
Jack Cunningham, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP
Brian McLaughlin
John Stainsby
Jack Cunningham, Houghton & Sunderland South CLP
Marcus Cameron, Warrington South CLP
Sam Pither , EndOp
Jayne Strange
Elliott Dean, Disabled Students’ Officer, SUARTS
George Norman, UNITE, University of York Labour Club former chair, current LGBTQ Officer
Becky Downer
Liam Sebastian Bittles
Liam Gleeson
Lucy Hall, UNITE
Paul Grant
James Hunter, Musicians’ Union
Victoria Johnson
Lawand Omar
Claire Murphy, Equity
David Whitaker
Harriet Vickers, GMB Young London
Karl Johnson, GMB Young London
Joseph Levin
Laura Fisher
Eve Newton
Matthew Balnaves, UNITE
Ebruba Abel-Unokan



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