The Labour Campaign for Free Education (LCFE) believes that education is a public good, which benefits society as a whole. It should be paid for through general taxation, with the rich paying the most. We reject other mechanisms to make individuals pay for education, such as the “graduate tax”, which undermine universalism and perpetuate the idea that education is an individual privilege and not a social right.

The Labour Campaign for Free Education brings together Labour members to fight for this. We are a democratic campaign with the direction set by grassroots members.

LCFE Conference 2015 will launch the campaign


When and where

21st March 10am – 6pm

Chadwick Lecture Theatre (B05), UCL, Gower Street, Central London (map)

Nearest tube stations: Warren Street, Euston Square, Euston

Registration and accommodation

Attendees should register online. On the registration page there is an option to request accommodation for the nights of the 20th and the 21st March. If you live in London and can offer to put someone up (bed/couch/floor) then please indicate this on the form too.

Democratic sessions

LCFE is a democratic campaign and the Conference will give everyone the opportunity to shape its direction.

There is a draft constitution which can be amended by the conference. Once this has been passed we will discuss any motions and amendments that have been submitted.

The LCFE Standing Orders explain how the motions debate will take place.

LCFE Proposed Constitution and Amendments

LCFE Conference 2015 Motions

Submitting motions and amendments

Motions and amendments can be submitted by emailing Anyone who is a member of the Labour Party and who supports the aims of LCFE can submit a motion or an amendment to a motion.

  • Deadline for motions and amendments to the proposed constitution: midnight 12th March
  • Deadline for amendments to motions: 5pm 19th March


Assuming that this provision is passed in the Constitution, there will be elections to a National Committee. Candidates may nominate themselves on the day.


The agenda is still subject to change. A provisional agenda is available here


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