Labour Campaign for Free Education: Solidarity with the Student Occupations

The Labour Campaign for Free Education (LCFE) sends its solidarity to the recent wave of student occupations.

Something very exciting is going on: the biggest reinvigoration of militant student movement activity since the 2010 movement exploded on to the national political scene.

In the recent weeks students at the London School of Economics (LSE), University of the Arts London (UAL) and King’s Collge London (KCL), have all gone into occupation – striking right at the core of the neoliberal university.

The Labour Campaign for Free Education welcomes the struggle to change the current political landscape surrounding education and the occupations’ defence of students’ right to access education – especially students from marginalised backgrounds.

UAL is in occupation to resist the 800 foundation places being cut under management’s plans. KCL and LSE occupations are both challenging commoditised structure of education within their universities, whether this is through low pay, tuition fees or an unaccountable management.

As in 2010-11, as well as raising demands of its own, the student movement has the potential to catalyse wider labour movement struggles around education, and against austerity in general. The same forces which commodify education are at the forefront of attacks on education workers’ pay and conditions, once again proving both the possibility and the necessity of student-worker solidarity.

We extend our solidarity to all of those occupying and demand the continued free entry and exit into occupations, with no victimisation of anyone involved.


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