Sheffield Labour Students passes motion in favour of free education!

We recently received an email from the Labour Club at the University of Sheffield, letting us know that they have passed the following motion:

Free Education
Sheffield Labour Students notes:

1. Education is a right not a privilege that benefits society, the individual, and the economy

2. Any increases in fees coupled with huge cuts to teaching grants place the responsibility to fund the system with the individual and not the state, which fails to reflect higher educations’ public benefit

3. This government’s “reforms” have also done little to tackle issues of access, cost and support for post-graduate students, who are often forced to pay thousands of pounds without financial support.

Sheffield Labour Students believes:

1. The government’s decision to lift the cap on tuition fees to £9000 has created a market in higher education where choices will be made based on cost and not ability.

2. The increased debt burden has made the cost of a degree seem unaffordable to many, dissuading prospective students from entering university

Sheffield Labour Students resolves:

1. To campaign against all forms of tuition fees, and the marketisation of the higher
education system
2. To campaign for the introduction of financial support for postgraduate students
3. To campaign against cuts to teaching budgets and education funding
4. To campaign for the reinstatement of public investment in education, emphasising education as a social good.

Well done, comrades! Keep your motions coming in and we’ll continue to publicise the growing support for free education throughout all levels of the Labour Party.


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